Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Copier Saga Continues

Just to prove it still works

Friday, June 11, 2010

More Copiers

Little Spencer has not written on this copier, but you can tell by its favored position next to the trash and under the fridge that it is used a lot.Fuido rented it for $50 a month five years ago and signed an iron clad contract. Warning to all you conservatives out there! We are still paying for it even though it is so old now, you can't even buy toner replacement. I could go on and on

New Copy Machine for the Office!!

Welcome to our new CLF jLog site (an affiliate of the original CLF), which is dedicated to chronicling all of the professional and hard work we do at our jobs, and within the home.

As some of the many readers may already know, I work in an office for a company that shall remain nameless, for obvious reasons. My job title is Executive Office Manager and my duties include typing, filing important documents, copying important documents, and sometimes answering the phone. On very rare occasions, when our maid Maria is unavailable, I also do some cleaning around the place.

I finally convinced the boss that we were in dire need of a new copy machine, since I make probably 300 or so copies a day. So a few days ago I went online to Office Max and picked out a brand spanking new Canon ImageClass D340. It came in yesterday!

As you can see...my little man Spencer was at the office with me and proceeded to draw on it. :-(
Well, I hope the boss doesn't catch it because he might say I can't bring lil' Spence in with me anymore. I won't even talk about the wall in the back utility room. Anyway, check out the functions on this baby...I can change image quality, exposure, and even reduce or expand the size. I am so excited!

Well that's all for now. Going to get out the nail polish remover and see if I can get rid of some of that black ink. A few of our CLF members, such as Reggie, will be joining this jLog and describing all the exciting duties his job entails. Thanks for stopping by!!